Realigning America [ Tour 2014 ]

Realign America Tour

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Join us for the Alignment & Coupling Event of the year!

VibrAlign and Lovejoy are hosting 24 Realigning America TOUR events in 19 states between April 24th and October 16th. Sign up now and come discover tips and tricks for better alignment and coupling practices. When you register you'll have a chance to let us know your toughest alignment and coupling challenges. Our alignment and coupling experts will be ready to address the issues and answer your questions.

Subjects covered:

  • Shaft Alignment Concepts- Basic and Advanced
  • Dial Indicators vs. Lasers
  • Critical Pre-Alignment Steps
  • Alignment Tolerances
  • Thermal Growth and Targets
  • Your questions and issues
  • Coupling Failure Modes and Analysis
    (Jaw, Grid, Gear, Disc)
  • Coupling Selection
  • Coupling Installation
  • Coupling Tolerances
  • Most Common Coupling Issues

The Subjects Covered will be tailored to address the issues and questions you provide during registration. This seminar is customized for [ you ]. Tour events run from 7:30AM — Noon, continental breakfast will be provided.

You'll also get a chance to see some of the latest innovations from VibrAlign, Fixturlaser and Lovejoy. For example, how gyroscopes can revolutionize alignment!

Register today, this event is [ FREE ] and seating is limited.

David Zdrojewski Invites You On the Tour [ VIDEO ]

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Tour locations


Appleton, WI - April 24


Oklahoma City, OK - May 8

Midland/Odessa, TX - May 15

White Plains, NY - May 21

Houston, TX - May 29


Memphis, TN - June 5

Allentown, PA - June 12

Riverside, CA - June 19

Detroit, MI - June 26


Portland, OR - July 10

Deer Park, TX - July 24

Kansas City, MO - July 31


Duluth, MN - August 7

Rock Springs, WY - August 14

Savannah, GA - August 21

Jacksonville, FL - August 28


Biloxi, MS - September 4

Mobile, AL - September 11

Fresno, CA - September 18

St. Louis, MO - September 25


Baton Rouge, LA - October 2

Sacramento, CA - October 16